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There are numerous brands of cannabis and each one has their own unique traits and features. Some of these brands include flower, gourmet and bud. The difference between these products is that some contain higher concentration of cannabis oils whereas others contain lesser ones. Each of these cannabis brands sell for a different price depending… Continue reading autoflowering seeds

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In general, the most common of all use disorder symptoms is the inability to control or regulate one’s marijuana use. The symptoms of cannabis use disorder can range from not being able to stop the weed from smoking in the first place to breaking out in uncontrollable fits of coughing and wheezing. However, the most… Continue reading cbd seeds

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white widow yield

Some potential uses for a cannabis oil extract would include adding it to food to make cannabis-infused pastries, applying it to gels for facial skin care, or directly taking it as-is with no cooking. Shatter is made when you make the butane solution using the same process described above. You can also make an alcohol-based… Continue reading white widow yield