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Every living being needs nutrition to expand, flourish, and survive. At this time this question should be easy to answer: Choose a nutrients bottle that contains just what your cannabis needs at the moment. Facilitates faster absorption of nutrients for better progress. However, commercial growers for the recreational market often don’t increase organically, due to various out-of-date misconceptions.
And indoor plant life just don’t need around plants grown outside the house. Growers used to battle to turnout even one pound per light. Cannabis seeds from Dutchfem are known as the best Dutch pot seeds available. Also, there are now a huge selection of types of autoflowering seeds being sold, providing you with a large selection to choose from.
It might look like ordinary, rich soil however your fertilizer compost is potent and concentrated. Phosphorus and potassium are the two other main nutrients in fertilizer. Different identities, and helped bring over 50 firsts to the world of pot growing.
where to buy kush seeds -Release Plant Food is balanced fertilizer loaded inside of clay balls that little by little disintegrate, releasing vegetable available nutrients as it can. Autoflowering crops are small and stealthy; these are perfect for wardrobe grows or growing outdoors where you do not want your friends and neighbors to see what you’re up to.
This set is created in California and is a superb solution for healthy and beneficial cannabis plants. Nitrogen is exactly what plants need for vigorous vegetative development. Junk food for fast vegetation: a revolution in the wonderful world of fertilizers.
Sativa plants stay in the vegetative period a bit much longer than indicas and can increase up to 6 ft indoors. This method of training works very well for interior growers who need to light up their vegetation using overhead equipment and lighting. After one to three months of vegetative growth, nutrients experienced an opportunity to build-up to poisonous levels, and crops may show outward symptoms of deficiencies or excesses.
Cannabis can be cultivated outside, either on natural ground or in pots of pre-made or commercial garden soil. A lot more space the plant life has beneath the soil for roots and handhold, the larger it’ll get above the ground. The ratios provided above are simplified for growers using a single container for the vegetative level, and an individual container for the flowering level.
As you’ll discover in your DIY-grow operation, plants expanded indoors will require closer to 18 hours of fluorescent light every day. This is what you should know about, and offer your cannabis plant life with the right ratios for is specific stage of growth.
One advantage of this internal timeclock is the fact that auto-flowering When you have a very large grow, or you store your nutrients in a different location than your vegetation, powdered nutrients makes it much easier to transport back and forth. An important factor while cultivating photoperiod indie (non-autoflowering) cannabis is choosing the right genetics for one’s crop.

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The orchid family (Orchidaceae) includes approximately 600 genera and about 30,000 natural kinds worldwide. We brought up that Advanced Nutrients says you will not need to worry about pH levels if you use their fertilizers as directed. If you can’t find nutrients filled with the proper collaboration for your preferences (or you are not sure what kind of nutritional to get), choose a plant food suggested for development when the place is in the first levels of life.
Sativa plants stay static in the vegetative period a bit longer than indicas and can expand up to 6 legs indoors. This method of training works perfectly for inside growers who need to illuminate their plants using overhead lights. After one to 90 days of vegetative development, nutrients have had a chance to build up to harmful levels, and vegetation may show outward indications of deficiencies or excesses.
Now were getting close to the flowering phase, after which you can start harvesting. In fact, switching to a PK mixture immediately upon getting into the flowering stage can be considered a useful step if space is now small in the grow room. By living such a brief life, Ruderalis cannabis plant life could actually survive in Russia with brief summers and intensely long winters.
Adding a good cannabis fertilizer can really help your plants expand large and healthily, adding fertilizer improperly however, can greatly harm your crop. I understand growers applying this that have vegetation that just EXPLODE. Water your vegetation with the aquarium drinking water taken right from the container when cleaning it. Fresh drinking water only please, do not use drinking water from a sodium water tank.
When much, however, not all, of the resin is amber and about 70% of the hairs have darkened, it’s time to harvest the cannabis buds. These cannabis plants specifically do not prosper with any nutrients early in the life cycle. With NPK degrees of 0-0-1, the Bud Chocolate fertilizer has only phosphorus no nitrogen or potassium.
Many of these products offer maximum support to your crops. Since, growers know that Car flowering Cannabis plant life has short life time and expansion period, they need to The Flower Electricity Fertilizers feeding schedule is a information. Nitrogen is the nutrient crops use most to expand large and lush-tall stems with lots of good leafy expansion.
Cannabis like any other vegetation needs nutrients and fertilizers to develop and to produce good produces. Their development is regular and we can observe plants expand a few inches every day during their vegetative period, which turns them into bigger, stronger and more robust plants.
Metallic Halide (MH) light bulbs produce light mostly in the blue spectrum, which is most effective for vegetative development. 3 yrs ago I started growing in dirt and grime outside. autoflowering cbd seeds of the place in nature is usually to be pollinated, nevertheless the home-grower will remove any men plants to avoid the buds being filled up with seeds.
The starter package” involves four luggage, each which performs an alternative function in the growing process of your plants. There are several organic nutrition on the market that exist online or at your neighborhood grow shop. The Growers Guide to Cannabis goals to be the best grow guide, whether you are growing cannabis indoors or outdoors, whether you need a grow guide for beginners or are an experienced grower thinking about trying a fresh method.
Voodoo Juice is an easy to make use of product created by way of a team of PhD experts who created these super strains specifically for the vegetation you expand and the gardens you develop them in. This highly focused liquid formula contains your microbes dormant until they are really put into your nutrient tank where they spring and coil into life invigorating your root base and root area while also creating chemicals that increase floral creation and floral potency.

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Medical cannabis growers in Canada and america are investigating the effect of natural zeolite on crop produces. For plants that have an extended flowering time, you’ll be able to pinch or prune-or, even better, to use a less traumatic strategy such as LST (low-stress training) in early stages. Use sportfishing weights to think about down the branches and expose the low areas of the place to light.
Some crops (e.g. cultivars of Cannabis sativa subsp. Both forge a a friendly relationship, Mike pays him an extra $500 per month in addition to the price of rent, moves into a house, starts off growing, and offers cuttings for five Canadian dollars apiece.
Grow fertilizer and micro nutrients specific for the vegetation level. It’s a Organic and is well suited for all sorts of growing. This normal water soluble part is in charge of the hardening, density and growth of buds. This is absolutely simple, and is a superb way to condition dirt before you place in it. Simply use the above strategy to make a combination, and normal water it into your soil combine for a couple of days before planting.
However, each one of the weed nutrition we’ve featured is ideal for plant growth. The ideal amount is 6, but it can also flourish on either part at 5.8 and 6.3. If your soil strays just a little higher than 6.3 or somewhat less than 5.8, the plant will still survive but it won’t produce as well.
Growing marijuana sometimes does seem to be to require an awful lot of expertise. Indeed, Cannabis fertilizer stimulates the progress of the origins into a much better state. The team of researchers at Advanced Nutrition ensure that the carrier-molecules they use get the most out of the give food to and deliver it efficiently and effectively to your plants.
Dyna Gro products provide plant life with a complete nutrition plan. Since organic nutrients are made from natural substances, they also tend to be alternative and ecologically ecological. Then when you are doing start presenting fertilizer to the plant life, do it gradually.
If you find it easier you can also design a regular calendar to notice down the dosages any risk of strain needs during each irrigation, so you don´t get confusing. However, the main thing is to give your plants the correct attention and keep an eye on them so they don’t have problems with a shortage or glut of nutrients, which can spoil your harvest.
You might also add Cal-Mag with your other other nutrition if needed throughout the grow, though you may want to give it at lower dosages. Growers cultivate independently property or practice guerrilla farming i.e. to herb cannabis in distant areas such as forest clearings or pile cliffs that they rarely visit.
There are specific marijuana nutrition for garden soil and hydroponic setups, so be careful you purchase the right one. However, white widow strain is the fact many auto-flowering strains tend to have higher levels of CBD in their buds than photoperiod strains (because Ruderalis plants are high-CBD).

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The three flower nutrients crops are thought to need the almost all of are Nitrogen (N) Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K). Not only that, but growing your cannabis is interesting, satisfying and highly satisfying. Marijuana Nutrition or Weed Fertilizer as it’s also known are effectively food for your crops. If possible choose a carbohydrate additive that is organic and natural, and combines easily with the rest of the nutrients being used.
They love normal water all throughout their growing cycle but do not over-water them. Mid-flowering needs 6-15-10, and later stage flowering benefits from 4-10-7. To bloom and harden the flowers properly a place requires both P and K. Inside the latter phases the flower will especially require Potassium (K) to fully rose and harden the buds.
These two cannabis crops are being grown up in a DWC (profound drinking water culture) hydroponic system. Even with soil, you’ll be reliant to a huge degree on luck to pull things off without adding nutrition. But, understanding cannabis nutrients can be considered a pain with no right guidance.
If you really know what you want from your nutrition and want to mix them up matching to style, you can’t go considerably wrong with these products. Along with nitrogen, phosphate and potassium in specific ratios, other beneficial mineral deposits like calcium mineral, magnesium, iron, zinc yet others can frequently be found in artificial fertilizer products as well.
Your flower will be growing quickly because of the flowering stretch and needs plenty of Nitrogen to create new leaves and stems. While some growers treat garden soil simply as an inert media which holds chemical substance and salt established fertilizers, it is in our interest to diverge from those methodologies.
Many viewers may have already heard of the actual benefits of supplementing earth or hydro cannabis plants with silicon by means of silicates or silicic acid. up to three weeks. There’s also some other minerals that can be put into the nutrients that’ll be paid to your cannabis plants.
TDS – TDS or Total Dissolved Solids is the total volume of marijuana nutrients in this particular. I have heard of folks stripping off all the leaves except for the very best two on the plants and planting the flower all the way up to these top leaves.
That is added when your vegetation are flowering for the crop you should have. With all pot plants, the key tops are harvestable before the lower elements of the plant. Purely organic and natural or homemade fertilizers release nutrients slowly, which reduces the chance of overdoing it.
It starts with the bottom leaves and works its way up until only the latest growth is inexperienced. Just make sure indoor crops get at least 14+ hours of light every day. female marijuana seeds offers multiple formulations that are allowed for accredited organic creation in addition to our line of natural-based fertilizers that incorporate the best of organics with synthetic amendments.
Nitrogen is the nutrient that your plants need most when they develop green things like leaves and stems. If you’re a rookie grower, or are thinking of starting to increase your own marijuana, it may be beneficial to begin with Autoflowering vegetation and JUNK FOOD from BAC, since it will be quite simple to harvest a few of your first, beautiful, resinous buds.

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Take note of: This guide is intended for young crops or clones. These have lower nutritional requirements than the strains we are being used to growing, and it’s really easy to over fertilize an autoflowering cannabis plant. After 14 days of flowering I will begin to add in Big Bud to my nute blend, and when I use plain water I add 2 tbs Black colored Strap Molasses to every 10 litres of normal water.
They do not provide enough photo-synthetically effective radiation to support robust and strenuous development during flowering. It’s still important that you learn how to identify and talk about these common issues if you want to make sure that your vegetation reach the harvest level.
While Advanced Nutrition are certainly not necessary for sufficient marijuana growth, it is worth a try unless you mind paying a premium for it. Cannabis indica leaves typically develop much shorter and wider than sativa leaves. This is affected by relative humidity in the grow area, whether C02 is being added, medical and size of place roots, and the sort and depth of grow room lamps.
Organic fertilizer provides a much more diverse range of nutrients than chemical fertilizer. The worst thing you can do for your plant life is believe all the mumbo jumbo about nutrition and marijuana vegetation. Listed below are just a little few that can help you expand some nice healthy plant life.
In a container with ground, the cannabis may become root bound, which can lead to slower growth. If it’s in the vegetative stage, then you should get something high in nitrogen, medium in phosphorus and medium-low in potassium. Indica vegetation, on the other hands, expand up to around 3 toes.
What is still left are plants protected in residual pesticides and pot which may still have contaminants on it when smoked. Our all in one package” involves four hand bags, each which performs a new function in the growing procedure for your plants. The BlueSky Organics System is the first certified-organic grow system specifically created for producing organically-certifiable, high-quality craft cannabis.
The main thing is to avoid offering too much Nitrogen in the flowering level, as it can discourage bud development in the flowering level and add a distressing flavor to buds, which is why a general purpose plant nutrient isn’t a good choice in the flowering level.
You can find coco-specific nutrition, which we’ll go over today, but any cannabis nutrition designed for hydroponics will work with coco coir, particularly if you add a Cal-Mag plant supplement (coco-grown plants crave lots of Calcium mineral!).
marijuana seeds uk tolerate signs or symptoms of nitrogen deficit is if you are more than halfway through flowering stage. The two most frequent ways people accidentally restrict main development is through overwatering the plant life (in ground) or overfeeding which ‘uses up’ them.
You can find six essential macronutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, sulphur, and magnesium) and six essential micronutrients (manganese, boron, copper, zinc, molybdenum, and iron) that can be found in most nutrient mixes for cannabis.

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Im growin for the first time and im bout to place the vegetable into flowering and i was thinking about what fertilizers everyone has used and what has worked. But if you would like to get the most out of your vegetation continue feeding vegetative nutes until you start to see the vertical growth slow and stop. occurs when you give your crops too much nutrition plus they cannot absorb them in time, so the extra elements build up in the bottom increasing the PH degree of the ground and locking out other necessary elements.
A good practice is by using fertilizer normal water or nutrient wealthy solution every other watering to provide the autoflowering marijuana plants to breathe from the nutrition. I understand, but I feel distanced from it when it is animal manure in my own compost, but mixing your own piss with drinking water seems like too much to me.
Bloom fertilizers will continue steadily to provide some nitrogen, not at the bigger level. Close-up of a female cannabis bud in flowering stage. The cannabis seedling development stage lasts for about two to three weeks, from seed germination to (strong) main set.
Because there are so many methods of growing cannabis , the best weed fertilizer is nothing but a subject of opinion. When crossing two strains of cannabis (or two of any vegetable), the resultant cross types may possess what’s called cross vigor Generally, this produces a herb that is healthier, stronger, or quicker growing than its predecessors.
Organics are a popular of many cannabis growers because they like the natural aspect. auto cheese nl of the better organic fertilizers for cannabis is worm castings. The light must be close enough to the vegetation to avoid them from stretches, but considerably enough away not to burn them.
Most organic and natural fertilizer is slow-release, it must be divided further by the soils microbiology to be available to vegetation, but there are extensive readily-available fast-acting organic fertilizers on the market today. Example; you’ve given your plants too much nutrients.
Beyond this, it is an alkali metal which reacts aggressively with drinking water and oxidizes on contact with air, so it is often put into fertilizers in the form of various compounds. These are among the better cannabis nutrients available today. Plants supplied with enough nitrogen is a healthy lush-green and grow swiftly with glowing power.
If you work with pre-made potting soil with added nutrition then you don’t have to give food to those little auto seed for the first two to three weeks so you can relax and forget about those nutrients The rest of the micronutrients can be supplied in small amounts even by some of the poorest soils out there.
For me, organically-grown cannabis gets the best perfume and flavor without doubt. Below are the proper pH amounts for land and hydroponics development. From that point of view, you can’t really blame growers when they fall for the media hype and then, despite their best intentions, literally end up loving their crops to death!

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To begin with, you have to understand the fundamentals of nutrient uptake within the seed. The solution for any grower, second in our range to efficiency is the Grow Fertilizer for an explosive expansion. Additionally, a cannabis gardener may possibly also compost rice hulls to make silicon-rich compost simply perfect for top-dressing soil. Some of your plants may possibly heavy eaters for they can consume lots of the fertilizers, although some plants are more delicate and require less amount of the fertilizer.
As well as the main nutrients, Grow Big also contains Norwegian kelp and earthworm castings. best autoflowering seeds offers a whole range of fertilizers to accompany your weed’s growth from the beginning completely to harvest time. Hybrids and autoflowering strains take up the middle floor, with some leaning toward a inclination for lighter or heavier doses.
This type of nutrient can be applied during two different phases of cannabis cultivation, such as expansion and flowering, but there are also some made to feed our children throughout their cultivation. Immobile nutrients are not readily capable of being translocated to other areas of the seed.
Now in the beginnings stages it may work fine, but because of the fact that certain requirements for marijuana vegetation shifts greatly from the seedling level to when it starts off making buds, you will need to change your formula. If you’re supplying too low degrees of nutrients, the entire plant will start to show up overall pale or green.
A salt buildup can be easily fixed with flushing A far more severe case of overfeeding can result in a complete nutrient overdose as well as your important autoflowering weed can get a poisonous amount of them and then there is certainly nothing at all to do but allow poor thing expire and start over again with new seed products.
Miracle-Gro is a household name when it comes to place fertilizers. Empty the elope away – don´t leave your plant life sitting in the run off drinking water, and you are done. Do you know all the materials and steps to make cannabis compost, super garden soil, and compost teas by center?
These boasts include improved earth porosity and solubility of marijuana nutrition, faster decomposition of organic and natural matter leading to release of nitrogen and other vital nutrients and improved upon change of nitrogen and phosphorus to forms usable by crops.
There seems to be quite a lttle bit of dispute among cultivators concerning whether foliar feeding cannabis plants during their vegetative cycle is effective or not. Flushing days (root system cleaning): After the plant shows brownish hairs on its 60%-70% it is the moment to begin flushing before harvest.
The number of plants has nothing to do with lighting needs. Make visible inspections of the seed leaves, buds, stems, etc. If you’re not using auto-flowering seeds , this is a good touch. But if you are growing a lot of crops then this 10% to 20% increase can be a huge deal.

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Growing houseplants successfully means providing the best care and attention possible. You will notice that your pots will learn to dry out more speedily given that the vegetation are flowering so ensure you always replenish your buckets! When growing indoors, autoflowering strains allow you to rapidly develop strains from begin to finish as they generally complete maturation after three months.
Perhaps you have listened to one or the other cannabis grower talking about their organic and natural grows. Preparing dirt with marijuana fertilizer before planting your cannabis seed products is a superb idea. If required, ratios can be predicated on the properties of each nutrient: nitrogen stimulates healthy leaves, phosphorous builds hardy root base, and potassium promotes powerful growth.
In a precise fertilizer injection system to reduce mixing time and reduce the risk of operator error. A whole lot of energy must be allocated to producing nitrogen and other chemical substances in artificial fertilizers, and these processes take their toll on the surroundings.
For the flowering stage, fertilizers with higher concentrations of phosphorus may be used to help out with flowering and big bud creation. That is called growing your place hydroponically. cbd rich seeds (or N-P-K) is used to label fertilizer predicated on the comparative content of the chemical type elements nitrogen (N) phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) that are generally used in fertilizers.
There are always a bunch of other things you can use to nourish your cannabis vegetation. Often auto-flower seedlings will start off slowly but surely or small, not to be anxious, as usually by week 3 they declare gender, begin to bloom and it is usually the following week the expansion explodes.
Grow pot in a location that can get just as much sunlight and with good normal water supply for maximum growth potential. Bud Candy and Bud Ignitor are for advanced growers with experience in increasing cannabis. As well, water that drains away can be used to water other house vegetation.
So as a Cannabis grower, it is important to focus a significant amount of time and attention on the buds of your crop. When you start your crop, the first rung on the ladder is planting the seeds in jiffy pellets. Not sure about the fertilizer you are employing, but in the past, I don’t supply autos until I know the sex of the crops.
Like with a lot of fertilizers, the manufacturer’s suggestions are a tad too strong for cannabis. I’ve experienced issues a number of that time period with over-fertilized vegetation, but the most severe cases were always with the autos. So a grower with a sativa prominent strain should generate flowering when the vegetable is only 12″ since will be near 3′ tall when done.
While autos can not be used to make clones, you’ll be able to make seeds utilizing a man to pollinate a lady auto-flowering plant. Although full substance growing methods for marijuana posed no risk to a cannabis user’s health, they might pose a difficulty to the fitness of the grower’s community.

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All autoflowering cannabis vegetation like any other living things need food to stay alive and increase. Simply spoken, growing organically means growing in dirt with exactly what is used for your grow being derived from living things. Your organic grow will in large parts count on beneficial microorganisms that live in your soil. Autoflowering Grow y Autoflowering Bloom Land to develop in soil are the specific fertilizer which Dutch Expert advises for flowering and expansion phase, respectively.
After your vegetable has enough nutrition, adding more provides you diminishing returns, and too much starts causing the next problems. Usually, there are no specific ratios that one should use when applying NPK fertilizer percentage to the vegetation. Strength is the final part of this five part system, which really helps to fortify and bolster your plants in unfortunate circumstances that may come up during growth periods.
The unique downside Let me note is that you’ll have to check water PH regularly because it tends to change faster than with other nutrition concentrates. Crops produce one main cola, although when they get adequate light, lower nodes branch out profusely. Not all vegetation are equal, just what exactly you supply to your houseplants isn’t necessarily good for your cannabis.
Dakine 420 and your plant life will be best buds because our products are precisely tuned with their needs. You might still want to constantly check the pH of the water you supply the plants even though you are utilizing organic methods. If you are searching for a way to adopt your buds to the next level in aroma and tasty, then all you need is the Bud Candy Fertilizer by Advanced Nutrition.
It works great and your crops with a quick nitrogen boost. It should be understood that of these nutrients work together and are happening in the herb continuously. As the plant’s stomata starts in the occurrence of sunlight, skin tightening and distributes into the leaf while being changed into sugars through the photosynthesis process taking place inside the leaf of the cannabis seed.
Compared to the standard marijuana, autoflowering types can be grown up easier and are less sensitive. While there are fewer auto-flowering strains to choose from, the strength for autos and photoperiod cannabis crops is comparable. Hydroponic nutrition are one of the most important purchases you can make for your cannabis expand operation.
FloraMicro is superb through the expansion and bloom cycles of your herb. Due to the quick time routine, it is important to avoid stressing auto-flowering plant life throughout their grow because the plant life don’t have time to recover from problems. Hydroponic systems are decidedly more difficult to use for the novice or hobby grower, as over-fertilization is common, because there is no soil to do something as a nutritional buffer.
The water level in a hydroponic system will lower as the root base of the cannabis vegetation absorb the dissolved nutrients, and this reservoir will need to be regularly topped up. marijuana seeds include nutrients in this replenishing normal water while some use pure water to top up, and nutrient-rich water following a complete drain.
Remember that auto-flowering plant life have a short life expectancy and won’t retrieve well from demanding situations. Autoflowering strains start making buds and continue on their short inside time-clock regardless of their health. Also remember that these vegetative nutrients are best used if they’re readily available for the plant to work with quickly.

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All autoflowering cannabis plant life like any other living things need food to stay alive and develop. Cannabis needs a constant balance of these three elements, and can require different ratios at different levels of growth. When you are growing in the vegetative stage, it’s best to look for nutrition that have an increased Nitrogen level and a lower Phosphorus and potassium level.
Most commercial growers prefer to buy Indica against Sativa strains for a larger marijuana yields. If your planting medium contains these time-released chemicals, it might give your pot plant the incorrect nutrients at the incorrect time. The length of your photoperiod strains flowering stage is primarily dependant on genetics; outdoor photoperiod crops will start flowering when days and nights grow brief as winter approaches.
Autoflowering weed has a means shorter timeframe to develop, bud, and finish off in comparison with photoperiod marijuana. As you can see this load up is everything you need, as it offers all the nutrition you need for each stage plus a solution for cycling.
Some commercial fertilizers and nutrients contain additional elements together with the primary nutrients, the primary nutrition are located in the best quantities. Organic fertilizers contain N, P, K under more complex and natural molecular forms than the equivalent mineral ones.
You will observe that your pots will start to dry out more speedily given that the crops are flowering so be sure you always replenish your buckets! When growing indoors, autoflowering strains allow you to rapidly grow strains from begin to finish as they often complete maturation after 90 days.
When growing inside, auto blue amnesia xxl in time to administer foliar feeding to your plants is half an hour before the lights go on. The light of the bulbs is very powerful right from the start, which means you run the risk of losing the leaves if they are still too moist.
Postage and presentation are included in the price, and your purchase is guaranteed under the I REALLY LIKE Growing Weed delivery guarantee. Tomatoes grown up hydroponically indoors under lights are equal to or superior in flavour and diet than their outdoor earth grown counter-parts.

With this Canna Fertilizer Set up you should have all the food your crops need to cover the full crop cycle, and undoubtedly at the best price on your Grow Shop respected. You may choose to start flushing your vegetation about two weeks prior to harvest time.
Regarding to mineral fertilizers, we should highlight the Dutch brands Canna and Hesi because of their simplicity and acceptable price, the German House & Garden for experts and those who wish to get the most out of these cannabis crop, and the entire range of GHE nutrition that there are also in our catalog.
These fertilizers are extremely smooth , nor have any cloudiness or large organic and natural allergens to clog up your watering system This organic fertilizer is especially effective with deep drinking water culture systems, due to the insufficient sprinklers or tubes in those systems.